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After-Whitening FAQ's

These are some after-whitening questions that can come up. Some people's teeth near their gum line will not whiten as much as the rest of the tooth. This is not to say it won't whiten at all.

The part of my teeth near the gums isn’t as white as the rest of the teeth even after bleaching. Why is this?

This is due to the natural morphology of the tooth.  The teeth usually have a seamless whitening transition zone from whiter near the biting surface of the tooth to less white near the gum line. This is normal and is an expected result because the tooth enamel is thinner near the gum line and will show through some of the tooth’s naturally yellower inner dentin layer. It is this slight transition that makes the tooth appear to be more natural and not just a monochrome “Chiclet” of a tooth, which looks very unnatural.

My teeth didn't have this noticable difference in the past.

Here are a couple things that can change this:

1. Consider if you are using some antibiotics, like tetracycline, this can cause this type of staining on teeth.

2. Your gums may have receded, resulting in some of the root showing.

3. Your teeth have thinned due to care, medical condition, or aging.

Remember though, it is perfectly natural to not have monochromatic white teeth.  Below is a diagram of the tooth: